Havent been on in the longest time (:

Twitter took over my life, but that is no longer.  SPREADING THE LOVE.

So, dear follower, nice to see you again ;D



Ive decided to be disgusted by people.  Well, certain someones.

There was a group of about 5 cyclists, all kind of a team, with a leader that keeps an eye on things and the rest just kinda coast along and follow by watching the wheel of the guy in front of them.  Now, these are the good guys.  The bad guy?

A man was yelling back and forth with the cyclists, being an asswipe.  What he did after was HORRIBLE.  He pulled a U-Turn, slammed on his brakes in front of the cyclists.  The first guy, he saw it and swerved, but the second guy (coasting, watching the wheel) only looked up at the last second, and hit the car, and he ended up going under it a little.

THE FCUKING ASS IN THE CAR BACKED OVER HIM.  The poor bicyclist is STILL in the hospital, and the moron in the car is at large, apparently in a 90’s Camero (Dont quote me on that, look up the story.)  So, Ive decided, I hate people.

Thanks for reading…lemme know what you think about the people out there.  Makes me wanna make a differance, ya know?  Its like, why the hell are there people like this out there?  What did the poor cyclist do that that ASSWIPE had to back him over?

Ugh.  Done, sorry.



EMILY, you better read this, sickly child (:  IM GLAD YOU’RE BETTER.

Anyways, so, today in DE, I had a TON of fun.

Not only was Alonzo funny, I hung out with males.  And I WASNT awkward.

JAMES (:  He was like, “Shake my hand.” So I did, and he told me to shake his hand like a MAN.  So I shook it and made my man noise.  And he cracked up, along with moi (;  So, he goes, “Use your finger muscles!” So I tried, and it was pathetic.  So he proceeded to squeeze the hell outta my hand, and lemme tell you.  He has warm hands.


He was sitting all by his lonesome, so I wandered over and handed him a candy cane, which he DIDNT ACCEPT.  Anyways.  So, I was all telling him I liked his sweater and asking if he likes hockey, and then out of nowhere he goes “So how was your day?” And I kinda laughed and was like “Pretty good, I love this class.”  Hint hint.  And he said he did too, SWOON.  So, we talked about Spanish and English, and DE of course, and then we kinda just chatted, I swear to GOD I dont know if I was coherent, I was kinda mezmerized by his face and his voice and just him in general.


Emily, there you go n.n 

And Im gonna remind Alva that you’re Chase’s girlfriend xD

Hm.  To twitter ;D



I made a twitter…so, all you non-existant (other than you, Emily) followers, follow me there @IfOnlyEllie por favor?

Anyways (:

If Emily doesnt feel better, Im gonna go over there and use my (again, non-existant) magic healing powers on her.  Maybe I can post a picture of Chase or something, that would for sure have some sort of effect.

SO.  Chapstick, I adore thee.  I bought three today (CHASE STOLE ONE.) and ohmygod my lips are in heaven.  They looked so nasty earlier.  My mom said I only had to pay for them if I left them in my pants pocket or something, which I know will happen at some point.  Ugh.  There really should be some type of World Record for the longest lasting tube of that stuff, and I would so NOT win it.  Lordy.

So.  Hm.  I totally got Emily hooked on the Hunger Games (:  I was on her Twitter looking for some YTF things to follow (IM SAWRY, I wasnt snooping ;D) and I saw that she was following some hunger games thing, I busted out laughing.  NOW whats boring, huh?!

I told you so (;

I finally have someone who I can regularly talk to about these books.  Next Im gonna get you hooked on Cassandra Clare, and I’ll read those…something books that you wanted me to read.  Something Society, I forgot the first part, legit.  Gotta remember that.

OH.  And, Chase said hi.   He told me that if I was Tumbling or Tweeting or whatever, to say hi to who I was Tweeting.  I told him who it was, and he goes “Yeah, okay, so?”  So here I am, saying hi (:

Gotta go eat more sugary CUPCAKES.



I was supposed to go to Emilys house, but hey, as long as the leaves get raked alls good ;D


Well, tomorrow is off to Emilys :D  Im so excited.  I made cupcakes, and she is gonna eat one.  Turns out we dont have the ingredients for frosting, so theyre just gonna be speared with candy canes instead of frosting and candy canes.  Believe you me, Im not complaining.

BOOK IDEA FOR YOU ALL TO READ—Maximum Ride, all of them c:  I think there are…7 or something now?  James Patterson writes them, they are one of my favorite book series ;D


Shes gonna get the second one tomorrow, and Im gonna get my baby (the first one) back.  Books are my babies.

OMG.  Time for hockey, woah.  TOODLES n.n





Elena looked, Elena saw, Elena ENJOYED.

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Emily, this is us in a nutshell.

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Yes, TallManOfMyDreams.  Read and learn.

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Happy Thanksgiving ;D  I know for a fact that I ate a hell-load of turkey today, and my little sister made some awesome crumble with apricots, apple, and walnuts or something, and I adored it enough to eat way too much xD  

EMILY, your silly vegetarian self, how was your Thanksgiving o;